SARACCA and the Competition in the HVAC+R Industry

The South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SARACCA) is an association of contractors who have individually and jointly agreed to a set of governing standards. The common aim is to continually strive to improve the image and standards of the industry. In order to achieve this, SARACCA has authorised Training providers that aim to arm practitioners with sufficient knowledge and skills that make them key players in the industry. SARACCA provides a subsidy to members for the training of site staff in duct erection, refrigeration, air conditioning, project management via short courses that follow SAQA approved Unit Standards

The competition in the Industry

The association is committed to assisting members to be better industry players by arming them with skills and knowledge that will help them uphold health and safety principles in their practice. However, SARACCA is also committed to the observation of fair and ethical tendering procedures by the inquiring and contracting parties in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, this involves operating without prejudice to the principles of the free market. This simply means that members of the association adhere to similar principles whilst in free competition against each other.

The Competition Act no.89 of 1998 states that all citizens must have equal opportunity to participate fairly in the national economy, it strives to create markets in which consumers can freely select the quality and variety of goods and services required. It is therefore the responsibility of all consulting engineers to ensure that the contractors they appoint to do the work adhere to and comply with the rules, regulations and safety requirements.

The Competition Act restrains trade practices which undermine a competitive economy. SARACCA abides by this Act, the association does not interfere in the competition that takes place within the industry, and members of the association cannot expect to be assisted in eliminating the competition so as to have all practitioners on an equal level. Each member of the association is responsible for his/her own achievements. The association can only give members skills and knowledge to be successful in the field, not “market” them as practitioners or generate business for them.

                                        “Give man a fish, you feed him for a day.

                                     Teach him to fish, and you feed him for life.” Chinese Proverb

SARACCA participates in several forums where industry-wide issues and requirements are discussed so that all members are able to participate in an appropriate competitive market, such as the Master Builders South Africa (MBSA),the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation SA (SEIFSA), MBSA  Contractual and Legal Committee (C&L),JBCC technical committee on contracts, the Pressure Equipment Regulations Forum (PER) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) on Duct Manufacturing, Installation, and Refrigeration. The association cannot temper with the Competition Act, it does not participate in any collusion or corruption. SARACCA is not mandated to get involved in its member’s sales process but rather to equip members with the necessary skills.

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