Our Industries new Occupational Qualifications

The South African Government has coined the phrase: “The decade of the Artisan”.

We are in the third year of the decade of the artisan and indeed we see some movement.

One of the areas where the greatest changes are occurring is in education. As a country our education system has been in a state of flux for several years now. This is particularly true for education system relating to trades. These changes have brought about new structures within the Department of higher Education.

The seta system has been, as still is undergoing substantial changes. For example: in the past the infrastructure around trade testing was solely a seta function. This is no longer the case. A new body, The National Artisan Moderating Body (NAMB) has been put in place and is now in control of trade testing and trade testing centers in South Africa. Another area of change is in the qualifications and curriculum development, we now have the QCTO, (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations). The setas still remain serving in an administrative function.

The QCTO has reformulated the trades (Occupations) and has issued a list of O.F.O. codes. (Organising Framework for Occupations)

The new system that has been developed that will initially run in tandem with the current trades and learner-ships but will ultimately replace the older methodologies.

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